Child Protection Week

More and more these days, and rightly so, we are talking about mental health, safety and wellbeing. Next week is child protection week and across our classrooms will be focusing on child safety. The language we use is captured in the three R’s – ‘Recognise, React and Report’. As part of our planning, we will be handing out ‘Safety Network Cards’ to our senior students as they enter into an age group that requires constant reminding about safety online etc. We work in partnership with families and our community in keeping our children safe, and I take this opportunity to bring to your attention our policies and procedures at Brisbane Catholic Education Policies (

This link provides information on: Student Protection; Code of Conduct Training for Volunteers; IT Acceptable Use Policy; as well as our Privacy Policy that sets out how each school and BCEO collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information.

Child safety is everyone’s responsibility and with the upcoming holidays, I would encourage our families to look at esafety information for parents with tips and information about technology use during school break.