Religious Education Program

​​The Brisbane Catholic Education Religion Curriculum was released in September 2013 and was a major update on previous documents used to support the learning and teaching of Religion as a subject in Catholic schools. Since then the teachers at St Joseph's have participated in professional development activities to engage with the Religion Curriculum. Teachers have been planning, teaching, assessing and reporting in the achievement standards, since then, which closely align with the Australian Curriculum. Students are learning through the strands of Sacred Texts, Christian Life, Beliefs and Church.

Our new school Religious Education Program was released for parent perusal and feedback in May 2016. This document follows the work done at the school by previous staff in 2001 when the last school program was validated. Validation of our Religious Education Program will take place in June 2016.
 The “new” curriculum is a rich source of learning for all students in Queensland Catholic schools. As well as the new structure there is a big focus on the importance of the Bible and each unit of work has mandated scripture texts and support materials to help the students learn the significance of the story and its relevance to them and the way it helps our community.
We also have a focus on the things we do in our lives to be religious and especially the things we do at St Joseph’s Tobruk Memorial School to celebrate our culture, history and in our contemporary community. Things like our Masses and liturgies, our art works and music ministry.
The following documents are used to support the learning and teaching of Religion at St Joseph's Tobruk Memorial School. They are drafts until validated.