Reflecting on Semester 1

As we near the end of Semester, it is always good to pause and reflect on the growth and successes of the first half of the year. Spending time talking with our Prep students over the last few days and listening to their stories of what they are learning about with great big smiles on their faces is a wonderful way to highlight success and growth. I encourage all parents and carers to take a moment to pause and reflect on the growth of your child in the first half of the school year in 2024. Talk with your child about what they have learnt and enjoyed in their learning so far in 2024. When speaking with your child some areas of challenge may also arise with them and these can prompt conversations about goals for learning in semester two at home which can be raised with teachers in parent teacher conversations scheduled for early in term 3.

Next week parents will be able to access their child’s Semester One Academic Report on the Parent Portal. These documents capture your child’s academic progress in Semester One. Teachers have taken great care and time to work with the children through the semester to improve and achieve their learning. If you have any questions or would like further information, please book a time through PTO for a Parent Teacher Conversation or reach out to the classroom teacher via email.