Student Leaders

At the start of Term 4, we will communicate to our current Year 5 students and families the process for nominating and selecting our 2024 School and Vice Captains. All current Year 5 students will be given the opportunity and expected to lead in various capacities, however the formal school captain roles are important and as such have a process around them such as delivering a speech on ‘What St Joseph’s means to me and where I see and/or show Courage, Faith and Love at Joey’s’. 

It is important to note that the speech is one component of the final decision, as is student attendance, a good behaviour record, and previous demonstrations of school leadership and participation. The selection of students is based on merit and may not necessarily be an equal number across genders. 

All Year 5 students have a voice in the selection process, as do the staff, with recommendations going to the leadership team and principal for the final decision. 

As our school continues to grow and develop, we have been considering the opportunity to develop other formal student leadership opportunities such as sports house captains, student council representatives etc. Over the next few weeks of the term, I would welcome your thoughts on this as we put shape to the process for term 4. It may take some years to transition into additional student leadership roles however the timing is good to consider these.


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