Term 3 comes to an end

Congratulations to our students, staff and families in what has been another wonderful term. School camp, NADIOC day, trivia night, book week parade, Catholic Education week, disco, Father’s Day were only some of this term's highlights and we are thankful for these community celebrations we shared together. I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our hard-working staff and the Joey’s Engagement Team (JET’s) who gave their time and expertise to organise these successful community events. A great deal happens behind the scenes and we are thankful for your commitment to Joeys.

Another significant event this term was the presentation to the leadership team, our report from the National School Improvement team. In late June across three days, an external panel reviewed St Joseph’s across nine domains, providing some recommendations to consider as we plan over the coming years. In short, our review was positive and connected strongly to our current improvement agenda across a number of areas. Thank you to all in our community who provided input into the review and I am pleased to provide the following summary of the key recommendations:

  • Develop a specific and clear learning and teaching (pedagogy) improvement agenda to see improved learning outcomes for students.
  • Identify key data sets to be used to support school improvement and improved student learning outcomes.
  • With the upcoming revised V9 Australian Curriculum (2023), develop a whole school delivery plan that documents school curriculum, assessment, and reporting expectations. Position and align school wide practices to ensure the intended curriculum is implemented in all classrooms.
  • Continue to collaboratively drive the consistent application and expectations of the positive behaviour for learning (PB4L) program.
  • Collaboratively identify and document a full range of high-impact learning and teaching practices to ensure consistency of practice and continuity of learning for students.
  • Develop agreed and consistent expectations to support the learning needs of the full range of students, including high potential learners.

​It was pleasing to note that the recommendations connected with our current plans, and we look forward to building on these and sharing our plans for 2023 in the coming months.

We have been busy planning for next term, so please keep an eye out for important dates and events, in what will be a very busy nine weeks. For a variety of reasons, next term will see some adjustments to the swimming program and sports program. Swimming will be adjusted due to the number of students in class groupings, the increased number of classes across the school, and the availability of the pool. The swimming program will run on Thursdays for Year 1 to Year 4, with Year 5 and Year 6 participating in a full day focusing on water and beach safety. The sports program will be adjusted for a number of reasons also, including the number of students participating, as well as the sports on offer through the gala program. This term, Year 5 and Year 6 boys and girls will be offered the option of touch football and basketball, participating in games against Trinity College’s talented athlete program (TAP) students. This will include targeted skill development in these sports with specialist coaches. We look forward to watching our students participate in this program and thank you Mrs Mel A-U for all the organising behind the scenes.

On behalf of our staff, best wishes for your holidays and we look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday 4th October.

FathersDayLiturgy2022.jpgFather's Day Liturgy