Staff - 2021

​Parish Priest: Fr Subin Thomas
Principal: Kevin Billion
Assistant Principal - Religious Education:  ​Kathryn O'Toole

Primary Learning Leader & LET: Kathryn O'Toole and Amy Hagan

Secretary: Margaret Skerman 
Finance Secretary: Roslyn Mendo
Administrative Assistant / Uniform:  Kerry Fenne​r

​Class Teachers:
Prep C (Water Dragons): April Roulant                              
Prep F (Possums): Pip Burns
Prep L (Lorikeets) Catherine Schloman
Year 1C: Kevin McNamara
Year 1F: Sarah Amos
Year 1C: Chloe Rhodes
Year 2C: Leonie Phillips
Year 2F: Natalie Kirkman
Year 3C: Sharon Kennedy
Year 3F: Katia Buckley and Amber Dair
Year 4C: James Buckley
Year 4F: Cindi Hunter
Year 5C: Dianne Kibble and Sameera Rattansay
Year 5F: Olivia McLeish
Year 6C: Patrick Grehan
Year 6F: Mick French

​Specialists & Other Teachers:
Support Teacher:  Sue Hall
Support Teacher - Inclusive Education: Kate Palin

Learning Engagement Leader: Melissa Crowden
Liearning Coach/LET
  : Amy Hagan 

Teacher/ Librarian: Lyn Giebels                                                                                                                                            

Student Support Teacher: Isabelle Vargas-Malby, Sarah Baker
Early Years Support Teacher: Pauline Carroll
Learning Enhancement Teachers: Elise Dunlop, Isabelle Vargas, Sarah Baker
Speech Pathologist:  Caitlin O'Connor
Art Specialist: Mary McBride
Music Specialist: Renuka Haran
Physical Education / EALD: Matthew Armstrong

Pastoral Worker: Sister Jenny Scari​
Guidance Counsellor: David Higgins

School Officers:
Helen Dillon
Kirsteen Black
Sharon Follett
Sue Logan
Katrina​ Heath
Karen Cole
Kara Hall
Jo Connor
Melissa Burgess
Kara Hall
Lisa Clark
Jacquie Hall
Tess Haseler
Ashleigh Veivers

Uniform Shop: Kerry Fenner
Maintenance and Groundsman: Scott Edwards