Our school mission statement unites us as a school community in a common vision for St Joseph's Tobruk.
May the spirit of Mary MacKillop infiltrate our hearts and transform us. May the courage and camaraderie of the Rats of Tobruk embolden us to face the challenges that lie ahead and give character and depth to our friendships. May the generosity and simplicity of St Joseph keep us humble in our service.
The community of St Joseph's Tobruk shares the following beliefs:
  • We are stewards of creation, charged with the responsibility of caring for our earth and its diverse and abundant resources. We believe in actively contributing towards environmentally sustainable policies and practices, conserving this precious gift of creation for future generations.
  • We promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle emphasising the importance of diet, exercise and team work in contributing towards our physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing.
  • We work together cheerfully in a spirit of genuine co-operation, mutual respect, camaraderie and care to create a safe and supportive school community.
  • We strive for excellence in an engaging curriculum preparing children to become active participants in a rapidly changing world.
  • We acknowledge the intrinsic worth of every individual and celebrate the diversity in our community. Conflicts are resolved through peaceful negotiation and respectful communication.
  • We recognise and nurture the spirituality of each person centred on Jesus, enlivened by the charisms of our founding patrons and integrated into purposeful, daily living.



As well, our community celebrates seven (7) core values based on the charisms of our founders: dignity, compassion, courage and resilience, justice, camaraderie, reconciliation, and trust and faith in God. Integrating these themes and core values into every facet of school life is both a challenge and a privilege for every member of the St Joseph's community.