Specialist Lessons


Physical Education at St Joseph's is provided by a specialist teacher. The Physical Education program reflects the developmental needs of students and has a strong focus on participation and provides opportunities for all students regardless of ability.   Students are supporte​d to develop and refine gross motor and movement skills as well as opportunities to participate in a variety of activities to broaden their sporting horizons.

At St Joseph's students participate in a range of whole school sporting carnivals including Cross-County, Athletics and Swimming.

St Joseph's students are supported to partake in a wide range of representative sporting activities including Catholic zone sport, Beenleigh and Pacific Rim district competitions and state and national representations.



At St Joseph's music is provided by a specialist teacher. The music program supports students to listen to, compose and perform music from a diverse range of styles cultures traditions and contexts.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricular music activities including School Choir and Instrumental Music Program



All students at St Joseph's engage in weekly STEM lessons.  STEM education combines discipline knowledge, skills and understandings from Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education enables students to develop solutions to complex problems and provides them with the knowledge, understanding, skills and capabilities that will help them succeed in a world of technological change. As future innovators, educators, researchers and leaders, it is important that students develop the skills required to compete on​ a global scale. 



All of our students have the opportunity to borrow from the Library each week and participate in library learning lessons with our teacher-librarian connected to classroom curriculum learning.

Our library collection features a large variety of titles for both reading for pleasure and finding information.  The Library is also opened for children to use during scheduled lunchtimes, for borrowing, computer use and games.  

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