Traffic and Safety Update

We have detailed below some changes in our school environment to ensure the safety of everyone during the ongoing construction of our new Prep Precinct (Tobruk Street side). During the holidays, the former OSHC building was removed, and temporary fencing has been installed in its place. As a result, the footpath leading down to Trinity College and the walkway through to the bottom Prep classrooms has been narrowed. For safety reasons, we advise all individuals using this area to be mindful of reduced access and keep to one side when walking through these areas.

If collecting St Joseph’s students from the Tobruk Street gate, supervision will continue as normal until 3:20 pm. As this area is quite narrow, we would appreciate a delayed pick-up for older students if possible (between 3:10 – 3:20pm). In the event a student is still waiting after this time, they will be walked to the office for collection. In the event of wet weather, Tobruk Street pick-up will be closed due to the absence of any undercover shelter. All students will wait in the Sr Jenny Centre for pick-up by parents and the top car park supervision extended until 3:30 pm.

For Trinity students collecting siblings from St Joseph’s (or walking home), there will be no access from Trinity through the Tobruk Street gate. Trinity students are advised to access the top St Joseph’s carpark via Bougainville Street. The oval gate will no longer be accessible for students in the afternoons as this area is impacted by the construction zone.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this period of construction. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us – or 07 32872798. Thank you for your cooperation.