Under 8s Day

Connecting to Culture Through Play – Under 8s Week  

What a delightful day it was, despite the persistent rain! Our Preppies and Year Ones at St. Joseph’s spent the day with beaming smiles, fully immersed in play.

Under 8’s Week, an initiative by The Early Childhood Australia Queensland Committee, holds a special place in the hearts of early childhood education services, schools, playgroups, children, and families across Queensland.

This year’s theme, “Connecting to Culture Through Play,” celebrates the universal right of every child to play and encourages diverse play traditions and experiences from different cultures. It’s a reminder that play knows no boundaries and has the power to bring children together, fostering understanding and self-discovery.

At St. Joseph’s, our Prep and Year 1 students actively participated in a variety of rotation activities during their day. These engaging experiences allowed them to connect with their classmates, teachers, and the rich cultural heritage that surrounds them.

Our commitment to the Under 8’s initiative aligns with our ongoing efforts to promote engagement through play, building upon our partnership with the Australian Institute of Play

Let’s continue celebrating the joy of play and its profound impact on young minds!

For more information about Under Eights Week 2024, you can visit the Early Childhood Australia Queensland Committee website or follow updates on the Under 8’s Facebook page.

Check out some great photos of the day on our school Facebook page.

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